Variety: Ratatouille Rave Review Variety: Ratatouille Rave Review
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Variety: Ratatouille Rave Review


Variety has posted the first trade review of Ratatouille – and it’s a rave.

“After the superhero spoof of “The Incredibles” and the auto anthropomorphism of “Cars,” the idea of yet another talking-critter toon might strike some auds as overly quaint and familiar. But the last thing “Ratatouille” wants to serve up is yet another shrill, jabbering, pop-culture-referencing menagerie. Under Bird’s careful direction, Remy, with his persuasively rat-like movements and meek nods and shrugs, delivers one of the more endearing and soulful animal “performances” in recent memory… The entire production is a captivating visual delight, as the fluid shifts between human and rodent perspective, and the camera’s sensitivity to different gradations of light and color, are nothing short of stunning.”

Thank you, Pixar – again!

(Oh, and check out Mike Barrier’s review and the WALL&#149E trailer for a taste of what’s to come).

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