Hotel Transylvania 4 Hotel Transylvania 4

Whatever Covid does to our vacations, at least one hotel is planning to open its doors this summer — albeit for the last time. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, the final installment in Sony Pictures Animation’s hit franchise, is coming to theaters on July 23.

The new film channels the plot of Freaky Friday, with an emphasis on the “freaky.” Count “Drac” Dracula and his fellow monsters are turned into humans, courtesy of an invention of Van Helsing’s, while Drac’s human son-in-law Johnny becomes a monster. Watch the trailer below:

Brian Hull has replaced franchise star Adam Sandler as the voice of Drac, having previously voiced the character in the franchise short Monster Pets. Sandler, who had been executive producer on the first three films, did not return for the final film, even on the producing side. The behind-the-scenes franchise star, Genndy Tartakovsky, who directed the first three films in the series, had been vocal in the past about creative conflicts with Sandler, and now has full control on this fourth film, both writing the screenplay and serving as executive producer.

Derek Drymon and Jennifer Kluska direct. Selena Gomez has been upped to executive producer for this installment. Michelle Murdocca is executive-producing alongside them, and Alice Dewey Goldstone is producing.

The film ended up with its current release date after being moved forward twice (from December 22, then August 6). It is one of only a few big-studio animated features set for an exclusive theatrical release this summer.

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