Here is the ridiculously goofy teaser for Cloudface, a 2D platformer currently in development by the three-man team Futurebeard, comprised of animator Corey McDaniel, programmer Craig Johnston, and musician Calum Bowen. In the game, you play a smartly dressed business-cloud “on a quest to retrieve his important documents, stolen by King Konniver, a nefarious and fruity piece of bubble gum.” Your enemies: adorable exploding cats.

The animation in the gameplay looks like loads of fun, with hilarious bits of personality animation throughout, some of which can be seen on the development blog. The game’s dippy bossa-tinged soundtrack is perfectly appropriate, too. The gameplay demo below show how all these elements merge in a perfectly satisfying way. No word on platforms or release dates, but cartoon fans should keep an eye out for Cloudface.

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