Indie Game Do’s and Don’ts Indie Game Do’s and Don’ts

Indie Game Do’s and Don’ts

This list of do’s and don’ts for indie game designers is also incredibly relevant to anybody making an indie animated short. For example:

3. Design from the heart.
Write / design around things you’re passionate about. Put yourself into your work and show the world who you are. What do you love? What do you hate? Why? All notable film makers have a stamp, something that appears in their work and speaks to who they are. These themes will always come through to your audience, giving your work a sense of your self.

4. Take big risks.
Try to innovate the hell out of anything you make. From how your game plays to how it looks, be unique and you’ll stand out. Push your personal limits, try new genres, mechanics and aesthetics. Experimentation and risk are the keys to growing as an artist. Don’t be scared of failure; you don’t have much to lose and you’ll only learn from your mistakes.

(Thanks, Mitch Kennedy)