The U.S. presidential elections will take place in a little over a month, ending one of the goofiest political cycles in the country’s history.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s been hard to ignore the outlandish cartoonishness of this year’s candidates, something that has not gone unnoticed by artists working the animation community. Industry artists have been working overtime to create some fantastic cartoons and caricatures of the Republican and Democrat candidates—Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively—and frankly, they’re funnier and better designed than a lot of the work being done by professional political cartoonists.

We’re happy to share some of them today on Cartoon Brew. If you know of other politically-themed cartoons created by industry artists, share them in the comments.

Sam Nassour
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as Angry BIrds by Sam Nassour.
Bill Plympton
Donald Trump by Bill Plympton.
Paul Briggs
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by Paul Briggs
Aliki Theofilopoulos
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by Aliki Theofilopoulos.
Benjamin Arcand
Donald Trump by Benjamin Arcand.
Colin Jack

[artwork removed at request of artist]

Dean Heezen
Election 2016 by Dean Heezen
Vincent Waller
Election 2016 by Vincent Waller
Lindsey Olivares
Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares Election 2016 by Lindsey Olivares
Benton Connor
"(Names favorite TV show.)"
“(Names favorite TV show.)”
Peter Hannan
Election 2016 by Peter Hannan Election 2016 by Peter Hannan Election 2016 by Peter Hannan
Mike Bear
Election 2016 by Mike Bear
Michael Dougherty
Election 2016 by Michael Dougherty
Ricardo De Los Angeles
Election 2016 by Ricardo De Los Angeles
Stephen Silver
Election 2016 by Stephen Silver

Another rewarding illustration trend has been creating scenarios that incorporate the cartoon candidates with famous animation characters. Not all of these were created by animation artists, but they’re all worth sharing.

Jeff Delgado
Election 2016 by Jeff Delgado
Adam Ellis
Election 2016 by Adam Ellis
Alex Solis
Election 2016 by Alex Solis
Josh Rodgers
Election 2016 by Josh Rodgers

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