Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses

Veteran industry artist and Bob’s Burgers lead character designer Dave Creek had long dreamed that the intricate, hand-carved bonsai treehouses he made in his free time might one day be displayed in children’s hospitals so that they could help transport the patients to a world of imagination and adventure.

Sadly, in early 2021, Creek died in a skydiving incident. Shortly after, a group of Creek’s family, friends, and colleagues took it upon themselves to ensure that his desire for the collection would someday be realized. Now, Creek’s dream has become a reality and his charming little treehouses have been put on display at the Shriners Children’s Southern California in Pasadena.

Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses

The exhibit is operated by Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses, a nonprofit organization established in memory of the late artist and sharing his dream of bringing joy and wonder to children in hospitals with Creek’s treehouse collection. Visitors to the exhibit can get close enough to observe the intricate details of the artwork, discovering hidden treasures and characters inside each structure. The installation also has copies of the children’s book Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses, written by his sister and the organization’s spokesperson Aleasha Ramsay.

Announcing the exhibition’s first stop, Ramsay said:

We believe that art has the power to heal and provide solace, and we hope that through this exhibit, we can bring a touch of wonder and joy to the brave children facing challenging times.

Brett Coker, co-founder of Traveling Treehouses and current COO of Bento Box Entertainment, added:

We have seen that the enchanted world Dave Creek created holds the incredible power to uplift and inspire. It fosters a sense of wonder igniting children’s imagination reminding them that even in the face of adversity, there are still endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses is currently looking for future partners and sponsors to bring the exhibition to other children’s hospitals across California.

All photos courtesy of Dave Creek’s Traveling Treehouses

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