“Highly Strung” by Dave Jones “Highly Strung” by Dave Jones

Not strictly animation, but Australian filmmaker Dave Jones directed a live show the end of last year that combined interactive animated projections with large-scale puppetry. Says Jones,

“The show was performed outdoors on the side of a grain silo and featured a 14-meter tall puppet. It took ten people to operate the puppet whilst animation was used to create an interactive backdrop for the piece as well as to project the puppet’s face. For the mouth we actually mounted a projector inside the puppets head and gaffer taped it to an ipod which we could control wirelessly from the ground 20 meters below.”

It’s pretty cool looking. Here’s a 5 minute edit of the show (performed Oct. 28th 2011 at the Nati Frinj Festival in tiny Natimuk, Australia). There is plenty of behind the scenes and making-of stuff on Jones’ blog.

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