A New Low For Online Animation Contests

Animation Procreation

The Internet is home to many embarassing animation “contests” nowadays, but none moreso than this new one called “Animation Procreation” sponsored by Dailymotion and Animation Magazine. When I saw the above banner plastered on the homepage of videosharing site DailyMotion last week, I immediately thought two things: “Who the hell is Loren Bouchard?” and “Why would I want a development deal with him?”

I originally assumed he’s just the latest two-bit development exec at some TV network. But as it turns out, he’s not even that. He’s a show creator: one-half the creator of Home Movies and solo creator of another awful looking and sounding “Adult Swim” series I’ve never heard of, Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

Perhaps the contest organizers can explain what a four-month “development deal” entails with a guy who himself is at the mercy of producers and networks, who has no production resources, and who has no money to invest in your project. Add a dollar to this stunning prize package and it still won’t buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Then again, maybe getting advice from the person who’s responsible for this is reward enough:

Home Movies

The Dailymotion contest page offers this gem: “Loren Bouchard will watch all the videos and judge based on originality, animation style and potential for development.” Because if there’s anybody who’s qualified to judge originality and style it’s an artist whose own work exhibits neither traits. After this, you may as well have your parenting skills judged by Britney Spears.

Why would any half competent artist who aspires to create quality work want to receive advice from the creator of some of the most embarassing work this medium has ever seen? If DailyMotion and Animation Magazine had any true desire or intent to encourage new talent, then they would have offered a prize that was meaningful and relevant to creators. As it is, this “contest” is a slap in the face to animation artists everywhere.