Alan Light’s photos on Flickr

The co-creator of Superman, Jerry Siegel (left), and Warner Bros. cartoon legend, Bob Clampett (at right), at the 1976 San Diego Comic Con. Photo by Alan Light.

Alan Light has posted a bunch of his comics fandom photos on Flickr. These include snapshots of Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Stan Lee, Chuck Jones and others. My, how times have changed. Here’s Light at his dealers table at the ’76 con… where are the crowds?

Light was a comics fan who created and published (out of his basement) two important fanzines in the 1970s, The Buyers Guide For Comics Fandom and Film Collectors World (both are still published today, as Comics Buyers Guide and Movie Collectors World, by other publishers). Light’s photos are quite nostalgic to anyone (like me) who remembers going to the conventions, or getting his publications, back in the day.