Classic Cartoon blog round-up

Some of my favorite blogs have just posted some unusual posts of interest, all worth a look. Back in December, Don Brockway took a look at Donald Duck and His Crappy Cars. He’s just posted another hilarious follow-up.

John Vincent is infatuated with Columbia cartoons and other animated oddities. He’s got a lot of worthwhile posts and frame grabs to prove it on his Uncle John’s Crazy Town blog, including his latest on take on the obscure Screen Gems Color Rhapsodies series.

And finally, another shout out to Rob Richards, the Disney obsessed organist-at-the-El-Capitan, who maintains several Disney blogs, including one on Animation Backgrounds. He broke his usual train of thought by abruptly posting about a background on Cambria’s New Three Stooges. In doing so, he may have found the only redeeming feature of this otherwise forgettable TV cartoon (the backgrounds and the new color footage of Moe and Larry, but I digress…).

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