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Upcoming Radio Interview with John McAfee and His Animator Friend Chad Essley

If you’re into bizarre and trashy tabloid tales, chances are you’ve been enthralled by the saga of antivirus software pioneer and murder suspect John McAfee. Of course, like any good story, it has an animation twist. Portland-based animator Chad Essley has been helping McAfee out and serving as his unofficial biographer.

Essley is current working on a graphic novel about McAfee called The Hinterland. Both Essley and McAfee will appear on the KBOO Radio show Words & Pictures tomorrow morning (January 24th from 11:30am to noon PST). Program co-host S.W. Conser describes what they’ll talk about:

Along with discussion of The Hinterland and other projects in the offing, you’ll hear tales of John and Chad’s adventures in Belize (some never before discussed in either the print or the broadcast media) as well as some of John and Chad’s ideas for film and game production here in Portland.