"Lost in Oz." (Click to enlarge.)
“Lost in Oz.” (Click to enlarge.)

Pilots for four new animated programs are headed to Amazon, including the pilot for a new program from Jim Henson Company.

The animated programs premiering in summer through Amazon Instant Video are The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop, Lost in Oz, Lily the Unicorn (based on the children’s book by Dallas Clayton and produced by the Jim Henson company), and Bear in Underwear.

"Bear in Underwear." (Click to enlarge.)
“Bear in Underwear.” (Click to enlarge.)

Amazon customers will be able to watch, rate, and comment on the pilots online, and thus contribute to the decision as to which pilots will be turned into full series.

“These new pilots will bring sophisticated stories and unique points of view that we hope will resonate well with kids and families,” said Tara Sorensen, Amazon Studios’ head of kids’ programming.

"Lily the Unicorn." (Click to enlarge.)
“Lily the Unicorn.” (Click to enlarge.)

Amazon’s descriptions of the pilots follow:

The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop: For preschool-aged kids, the show — created by brother-sister team Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio (Marvel Universe Live, Evergone) — is about the smallest kid on the enchanted Wonderpine Mountain who wants to be a big adventurer just like his grandpa. Show’s character design is by Rhode Montijo (Melvin Beederman: Super Hero, The Halloween Kid) and animated by Karrot Animation (Sarah & Duck).

Lost in Oz: For children 6-11, animated show is set in a modern, metropolitan Emerald City in which 12-year-old Dorothy Gale befriends West, a young, street-smart witch grappling with dark temptations, and Ojo, a giant munchkin. Developed and produced by Bureau of Magic’s Darin Mark, Jared Mark, Abram Makowka, and Mark Warshaw (East Los High, Smallville); designed by Flaunt Productions (Under Siege, Project Spark); animated by Arc Productions (formerly Starz Animation which produced 9 and Gnomeo & Juliet); and scored by Adam Berry (The Penguins of Madagascar), with theme music by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh.

Lily the Unicorn: Aimed at kids 6-11, animated show revolves around Lily, a colorful and comical unicorn who leads her friends on fantastic adventures. Anything is possible in Lily’s world: a simple song she hums can go viral and top the musics charts, or a quiet surprise picnic for her pal Roger can lead to a search for falafel waffles. Based on the children’s book by Dallas Clayton and produced by the Jim Henson Company.

Bear in Underwear: For children 6-11, animated show is based in Shady Glade Woods where Eddie Behr, an eternally optimistic, high-energy bear and his quirky group of animal friends and family reside. Based on the bestselling books by Todd Goldman and written by Goldman and Dave Schiff (That ’70s Show, Robot and Monster).

"The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop." (Click to enlarge.)
“The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop.” (Click to enlarge.)
"Lost in Oz." (Click to enlarge.)
“Lost in Oz.” (Click to enlarge.)

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