DreamWorks Launching YouTube Kids Channel Called DreamWorksTV

During YouTube’s splashy Brandcast upfront event on Wednesday, DreamWorks announced the launch of DreamWorksTV, a new streaming children’s channel that will offer original animated and live-action programming, as well as vintage animation content.

Disney Just Released ‘Frozen’ and ‘Get A Horse!’ on iTunes

The window between theatrical releases and home entertainment distribution continues to shrink. Disney is releasing the HD version of “Frozen” on iTunes today, February 25th, while the film still remains in the top ten at the American box office.

Everything You Need to Know about Fanime

Pioneered by children, legitimized by people looking up weird stuff on YouTube, vitalized by online hoaxes, and existing entirely outside any kind of aesthetic considerations, fanime is something that could only have developed on the web.

“Dumb Ways to Die” by Julian Frost

By popular demand, I am posting this morbidly hilarious PSA on Cartoon Brew. I first posted it four days ago on our wonderful CB Facebook …

“Subway Thoughts” by Kurtis Scott

Animator Kurtis Scott has posted eight episodes of an ongoing series called Subway Thoughts. They focus on the protagonist’s train of …

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