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Position: Technical Artist
Company: JibJab Bros. Studios
Location: Venice, California

JibJab Bros Studios is looking for a talented technical artist to focus on their Starring You video platform. The candidate will be responsible for all aspects of the pipeline from prepping files in pre-production, animating, rotoscoping and masking during production and finally QA, bundling and prepping our files for launch.

Position: Pipeline Supervisor
Company: Nitrogen Studios
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Nitrogen Studios is hiring a pipeline supervisor for the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg R-rated, CGI animated film Sausage Party. The ideal candidate must have great leadership skills and the technical abilities to manage the development and integration of creative tools into an overall production pipeline. Requirements include expert knowledge of Maya and Python, a degree or equivalent experience in computing science, mathematics, or physics and 5+ years of experience in VFX or animation.

Position: CG Character Animation Director
Company: BUCK
Location: Los Angeles, California

Buck is seeking a talented CG Character Animation Director who is multifaceted and able to balance both the creative desires and the production requirements of multiple animated projects. They’re interested in applications from both seasoned animation directors, and also experienced character animators looking to make their transition into directing.

Position: Assistant Professor in Animation
Company: DePaul University
Location: Chicago, Illinois

DePaul University is inviting animators to apply for a full-time, tenure track position in their animation program, which as part of the School of Cinema & Interactive Media also includes cross-disciplinary programs in cinema, VFX, and game development. Ideal candidates will have teaching and production experience in one or more of the following areas of cinema, television, and game development: hand-drawn animation, stop motion, 3D modeling, 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects and motion capture.

Position: Winter Internships
Company: HouseSpecial
Location: Portland, Oregon

HouseSpecial has available CG and concept artist/storyboard internships starting January 6, 2015. As a HouseSpecial Intern, you will gain valuable hands-on experience and training as you work alongside our staff artists on broadcast and digital productions. You must have completed your junior year or graduated within the last two years to be eligible. Non-US citizens attending school in the U.S. are also eligible. This is a PAID position.

Position: Render Technical Director
Company: Nitrogen Studios
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Nitrogen Studios is hiring a Render TD for the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg R rated, theatrical CGI film Sausage Party. The ideal candidate must have the technical abilities required to help with complex troubleshooting at the shot level and work with the Lighting and Rendering Department to help maintain an effective and efficient shot workflow. 2+ years experience in an animation production pipeline and using RenderMan in a similar position is required.

Position: CG Supervisor
Company: Nitrogen Studios
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Nitrogen Studios is hiring a CG supervisor for the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg R-rated, CGI animated film Sausage Party. The ideal candidate will be responsible for determining the technical approach and requirements needed to achieve the desired look for the film as well as developing the pipeline and identifying processes and procedures that improve the workflow. A degree in fine arts, computer science or equivalent experience is required.

Position: 2D Animators
Company: Copernicus Studios
Location: Halifax, Canada

Copernicus Studios is seeking both key and inbetween animators for a big production beginning in January. You must have a strong sense of comedic timing, excellent character draftsmanship and 2D character animation experience for television. Previous experience with Toonboom is an asset but not a necessity. Must be willing to work on-site in Halifax.

Position: 3DS Max Layout Artist
Company: Giant Creative Ltd
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Giant is looking for experienced 3DS Max Layout artists to translate 2D storyboards into a working CG pipeline. Qualifications include 2 years industry experience, an in depth knowledge of 3DS Max, a strong understanding of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking, camera work and continuity and experience with layout pipelines.

Position: Assistant Professor – Animation
Company: Rochester Institute of Technology
Location: Rochester, New York

The School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology is seeking an active animator/filmmaker to apply for the position of Assistant Professor of Animation beginning August 2015. The candidate will have demonstrable experience in story structure, visual storytelling (storyboards) and independent animation production and is expected to cover a full teaching load consisting of both undergraduate and graduate courses in animation filmmaking, animation technique, and creative production practices.

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