“Brats” By Ian Cheng “Brats” By Ian Cheng
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“Brats” By Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng‘s expressive use of motion capture was featured on Cartoon Brew last year. His new music video for Liars’ “Brats” is a hunter versus rabbit scenario with an untamed kinetic energy that threatens to burst out of every side of the frame. Cheng says of his first commissioned piece:

For “Brats”, I used a familiar animated narrative– hapless hunter vs. terroristic rabbit– as a format to grow a garden of signature motions. This collection of motions becomes material to recompose a new non-narrative choreography that animates the bodies of Liars. The Brats video documents this entropic haunting– from the ingredients of familiar meaning arises the terror of reckless non-meaning. A dog wanders indifferently through the animation, true to its nature.

Director: Ian Cheng
Choreographer: Madeline Hollander
Producer: Christian de Vietri
Performers: David Yijae, Max van der Sterre, Ade Chike Torbert
Assistant animation: mike liu
Motion capture services: Motion Capture NYC, Steve Day, Henry Brito
Thanks: Patrick Daughters, Micaela Durand, Zelda Roland, Rachel Rose

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