Music Video Round-Up (#12) Music Video Round-Up (#12)
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Music Video Round-Up (#12)

We haven’t had a round-up of music videos in some time. This should help make up for it.

Talking About the Crashby Wasaru

Music by Le Peuple de l’Herbe – it’s about an animal community being oppressed by a specific species (the porks); sort-of an update of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

Creature Forming – by Matthew Wade

This recently completed animated music video for Astronaut In The Aftermath was animated entirely within Toon Boom Animate Pro, all FX animation hand drawn on 1’s, frame by frame, without any cycles or repeats. The ghost at the beginning and end was on traditional 2’s.

Muesli – by Nicholas Gurewitch and Albert Birneyn

The Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch created this music video for The Spinto Band which features some interesting chalk animation.

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