Music Video Round-up #5 Music Video Round-up #5
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Music Video Round-up #5

Once again it’s melody time on Cartoon Brew with our periodic selection of new music videos. First up…

Halfway by Rayons

We begin with this lovely film by Jason Malcolm Brown and Aya Yamasaki Brown (aka Overture, who did the previous Bless) for a Japanese musician named Rayons.

Robbers by The Laureates

Next up, Chicago-based director/animator/illustrators Sara Jean Cough and Joey Potts created this mostly-live action video for local band The Laureates.

My Flea Has Dogs by Casper Babypants

Our friends in New Zealand, Mukpuddy Animation, fashioned some bouncy animation for this catchy kids tune.

Buy Me by Bev Lee Harling

And finally, this cute cut-out style video directed and animated by London based Zach Ellams.