Music Video Round-Up (#7) Music Video Round-Up (#7)
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Music Video Round-Up (#7)

To August And Youth by The Future Roots

Finnish animator/illustrator/visualist Aleksi Revonkorpi made this music video using “Cinema4D and it’s “Sketch And Toon”. From start to finish this took me one week to wrap up. This one was more of a favor to my friend and his new album.”

New Day by Olav Basoski

Nicholas Temple first heard this track last year and loved it so much he started producing his own music video for it. The general idea is that the monkey and the 70’s disco man are driving across a barren desert looking for a good time. They get lucky and find a pyramid in the middle of no where and meet up with a like minded panda, flamingo, hippo and get their boogie on.

Figment by Raygun Ballet

A nobody named Eddie Crane dreams of what his life would be like if he made it to the big time. Actual talent is optional. This piece was animated in Flash, then texture was added to the characters and environment via compositing. Directed by Rhythm & Hues’ John-Mark Austin, animated by Nathan Smith (aka SWiTCH).