Submitted for your approval, a selection of catchy new music videos of various styles – combined in one convenient post for easy review. First up:

Ms. Atomic Bomb by Warren Fu

Ms. Atomic Bomb, the latest single from The Killers is an homage to Moebius. The animation was produced by Titmouse and supervised by Animation Director Jeremy Polgar. Live action portion were produced by Michel Gondry’s production company Partizan Entertainment.

Director: Warren Fu
Animation Director: Jeremy Polgar
Animation Producers: Jennifer Ray & Tim Yoon
Supervising Producer: Ben Kalina
Lead Animator: Dave Gerhard
Character Design: So Yeong Park & Warren Fu
Background Design: Howard Chen, Derek Kosol
Background Paint: Abraham Martinez, Bobby Walker
Animation: Dave Gerhard, Braden Poirier, Andrew Wilson, Parker Simmons
Assistant Animators: Deena Beck, Yanise Cabrera, Yuri Fain, Garrett Hagen, Jonathan Rawlings, Anneli Strassler
Composite: Mike Newton, Thomas McDonnell
Animation Editor: Lauren Hecht

Producer: Josh Goldstein
Director of Photography: Shawn Kim
Editor: Warren Fu
Production Designer: Robert Fox
Sound Design: Peter Lauridsen
Styling: Aubrey Binzer
Makeup: Erin Walters
Executive Producer: Jeff Panteleo
Label Commissioner: Mildred Delamota

Imposter by Timothy Armstrong

Composer, sound designer and illustrator Armstrong created this haunting piece of animation, based on a short story by his friend Luke Oram.

Rat Trap by Brett Underhill

This music video for Scrapomatic by Brooklyn-based Underhill is a nice blend of live and animation.

Mr. Incredible by Mike Scott

The video was part of the Machinima exhibition at the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles. Scott wrote the song with his brother (together aka The Kiffness). Backgrounds were drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 4, animated in Toon Boom Animate 2, compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Please Come Home For Christmas by James Neal

Just in time for the holidays, Burbank-based animator James Neal used traditional old school rotoscope techniques to visualize this Christmas tune by Brooklyn music legend Kenny Vance (and the Planotones).

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