Music Videos

“Some Hungry Guy” by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

Songwriter Jascha Hoffman teamed up with Brooklyn based filmmaker Benjamin Ahr Harrison to create a music video inspired by the art of Winsor McCay. Says Hoffman:

“When I set out to make a video for my song “Some Hungry Guy,” the visual world of Little Nemo came to mind. The song is about how strange it can be to survive in a hostile world. The lavish panels of Little Nemo depict a young boy navigating a series of wonders and catastrophes in his dreams. It was a perfect fit.

“Director Benjamin Ahr Harrison really came through beyond my wildest expectations. He is not trained as an animator, but using a little digital magic, he was able to lend depth and motion to McCay’s sumptuous century-old panels, which are now in the public domain since their copyright expired. Because McCay was also a pioneer of “animated drawing”– what we now call animation – it felt right to set some his finest drawings in motion.”

(Thanks, Gary Meyer)