“The Ancestor” by Keith Boynton “The Ancestor” by Keith Boynton

The Ancestor is Brooklyn-based Keith Boynton and Mike Lavoie’s Crazy Lake Pictures second video for NY band Darlingside and its first in collaboration with San Francisco-based Chinese Takeout. Chinese Takeout reps Timothy Hahn, Pixar employee by day, producer/editor by night – and Abraham Dieckman, writer-director who recently made a splash on the festival circuit with the animated short film Cadaver, featuring the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Kathy Bates and Tavi Gevinson.

Music by: Darlingside
Director: Keith Boynton
Producer: Mike Lavoie
Producer/editor: Timothy Hahn
Lead animator: Abraham Dieckman
Lead artist: Pamela Goodman

Jerry Beck

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