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Get ready, cartoon fans. Your eyeballs have ONE MORE CHANCE:working for peanutsThe 3-D Film Festival is returning to Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood this September — and this time, the animated cartoons will be presented all in one program – hosted by yours truly, Jerry Beck – Saturday September 16th at 3:30pm. I urge you to buy your tickets now! This show will sell out.The animated shorts program will include all the 3-D Hollywood cartoons released in 1953 and 1954, including Casper in BOO MOON, Disney’s MELODY, Bugs Bunny in LUMBERJACK RABBIT, Woody Woodpecker in HYPNOTIC HICK, Donald Duck in WORKING FOR PEANUTS and — the world premiere of a restored POPEYE, THE ACE OF SPACE (courtesy of Warner Bros.). The program will also feature other animated films, including experimental shorts by Norman McLaren, and stop motion puppet films. DO NOT MISS THIS ANIMATION EVENT. Fly in from around the world, if you have to, for this once in a lifetime gathering of rare 3-D animation.time for beanySabuCat Productions is presenting the World 3-D Film Expo II from September 8th through September 17th, 2006, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The 10 day festival will not only be highlighting the sold out shows of 2003, but will also be showing EIGHT new “Golden Era” feature films, most of which have never been seen in over 50 years in 3-D. (In fact, two of the titles have never been shown in 3-D even in the 1950’s!) 35 features and over 20 short subjects (including the two THREE STOOGES shorts and Bob Clampett’s TIME FOR BEANY) will unspool at the Expo. Please go directly to the 3-D Expo website for more information. This event is Highly Recommended.