A (12-Year-Old) Bob Clampett Caaar-tooon! A (12-Year-Old) Bob Clampett Caaar-tooon!
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A (12-Year-Old) Bob Clampett Caaar-tooon!

Bob Clampett comic

In the 1920s, some kids around the Los Angeles area contributed drawings and stories to “The Junior Times” which was an insert of the LA TIMES newspaper. A number of these kids went on to become famous animation artists, including Ed Benedict, Fred Moore and Bob Clampett. I’d never seen an example of Clampett’s work from this paper, but Filboid Studge’s blog has unearthed a 1926 comic (“The Innocent Pussy”) by a 12-year-old Clampett. He also found a 1928 short story by Clampett. If you like this sort of historical crap, you’re definitely going to want to check this out.

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