A new twist in outsourcing A new twist in outsourcing
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A new twist in outsourcing

IndianTelevision.com has posted a fascinating piece on the Indian animation studio Padmalaya Telefilms which recently signed a number of lucrative co-production deals with European and American TV animation companies. The only problem is that Padmalaya is a little short on the production personnel needed to actually produce these shows. By a little short, I mean about 400 people. Among the crew needed are 60 2D animators, 70 3D animators, 120 inbetweeners and clean-up artists, and 12 layout and background artists. Padmalaya Telefilms executive director V Narsimha Rao says, “A major concern for us is the lack of animators in the country. We have bagged all these contracts, but the implementation is a big apprehension for us. The dearth of animators in the industry is going to prove fatal if we don’t pull up our socks.” One could argue that this is simply the case of a studio that needs to staff up, but finding 400 qualified animation professionals in a country as inexperienced in cartoon production as India is simply asking for trouble. You can read the complete article HERE.