Alex Chun Reviewing Animation in LA Times Alex Chun Reviewing Animation in LA Times
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Alex Chun Reviewing Animation in LA Times

Alex Chun, who’s been writing a lot of superb animation and comic-related pieces for the LA TIMES over the past year, is now also reviewing some animated films for the paper. His first review, published today, is of Luc Besson’s ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES. Chun isn’t pulling any punches; he writes, “Director Luc Besson, best known for ‘La Femme Nikita’ and ‘The Fifth Element,’ admits he knew nothing about animation before he started this project, and it shows…taken together, there’s little in ‘Arthur’ to evidence the seven years it took to put the project together.”

It’s also worth pointing out that Alex has been involved as editor and writer for some great Fantagraphics books over the past few years including TOPHATS AND FLAPPERS: THE ART OF RUSSELL PATTERSON (with Shane Glines), THE PIN-UP ART OF DAN DECARLO, and the upcoming must-have WHERE’S DENNIS?: THE MAGAZINE CARTOONS OF HANK KETCHAM.