Animation Blast 9 Has Arrived!!! Animation Blast 9 Has Arrived!!!
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Animation Blast 9 Has Arrived!!!

Animation Blast 9

The full shipment of ANIMATION BLAST #9 arrived this past weekend and everything looks great. I’m currently shipping pre-orders and I’d estimate that 1/4 of all the orders have already been shipped. I’m hoping to have every order shipped by this weekend. If you’ve had a change of address or have any questions about your order, now would be the time to email me at amid (at) animationblast (dot) com. Only 2500 copies of this issue were printed and at the rate they’re going, I expect this issue to sell out faster than any of the previous editions. I’d suggest ORDERING your copies soon. Also, by the end of next week, I’ll post a list of stores that are carrying this issue. Let me know what you think of BLAST 9 when you receive it; I’d love to hear your thoughts.