Animation Blast #9 Update Animation Blast #9 Update
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Animation Blast #9 Update

There’s now an accurate contents listing for BLAST #9 posted on the newly redesigned

Below is the wraparound cover of the issue, which I’m pleased to report is currently being printed in Canada. The drawing is a personal sketch by story artist John Dunn. Dunn’s life and career is discussed in-depth in the upcoming issue. Click on the image for a larger view.

Animation Blast 9

BLAST regulars may also notice that the ANIMATION BLAST logo has been redesigned. With all the other format changes in the issue, I thought it only appropriate to spice things up with an updated version of the BLAST logo. The new logo was designed by the mighty Brian Romero, who is also responsible for all the excellent lettering in the recent Chronicle book WEIRDO DELUXE. You can see more of his work at or check out his blog HERE.

Animation Blast logo