heidi's bookGetting rave reader reviews on is Animatrix: A Female Animator, How Laughter Saved My Life By Heidi Guedel.I haven’t read the book yet, but Guedel is a well respected figure. She started at Walt Disney Productions in 1972, where she progressed up the ranks becoming one of the first women promoted to Animator at Disney in 1978; having worked on Robin Hood, The Rescuers, Pete’s Dragon, and The Small One. She’d begun work on The Fox and the Hound, when, in 1979, she and 15 other animators left Disney Studios to work with Don Bluth on The Secret of NIMH (she was part of the original core group of “Disney Defectors”).At Bluth, she also worked on An American Tail and Dragon’s Lair. After Bluth moved his animation studio to Ireland, Heidi remained in the states, free-lancing on many computer games and educational projects. In 1995, Heidi animated for Warner Brothers Feature Animation, earning screen credits on Space Jam and Quest for Camelot.Read a sample page at

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