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We’ve had some crazy ideas before here at Cartoon Brew, but this one may top them all. We’re having a contest to find a Guest Brewer, somebody who will blog right alongside the Brewmasters – Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi. Anybody can enter – animators, fans, directors, historians, board artists, executives – if you like the Brew and feel you have something interesting to say, we want to hear from you. The winner will receive a two-week gig on the Brew. Now here’s where it gets interesting. At the end of two weeks, the entire Cartoon Brew readership will get to vote on whether the Guest Brewer can continue blogging or not. If so, our Guest Brewer gets another two-week term, if not, we introduce the next Guest Brewer.

Why are we doing this? Because while we both love discussing the art and craft of animation, we know that we’re not the only passionate voices out there. By doing this, we hope to encourage new voices in the animation blogging community and bring to light different points of view about the art form. Plus, we think it can be a lot of fun. If you’re interested, simply send an email to cartoonbrewer [at] Tell us (briefly) why you should be our Guest Brewer. Tell us your areas of expertise and give a sense of the topics you’ll be writing about. This is such an untested idea that we don’t quite know how we’ll be judging this yet. We simply want to hear from passionate voices in the community and give them exposure on the Brew. Convince us that you’re going to be the best Brewer. Entries will be accepted until noon on Thursday, May 25. We’ll announce a winner here on Friday, May 26.