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Yoshi Tamura drawing

OK, haven’t done this in a while…

Yoshi Tamura worked at Disney Paris and was the supervising animator of the Helga Sinclair character in Disney’s ATLANTIS. He has some beautiful drawings on his blog.

Steve Lambe is a Chicago-based artist who is currently designing on HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI. He kindly sent me a copy of his new color sketchbook, SAMICHES 2, which is available for sale on his blog.

Dean Roberts is a London-based artist who has done boards on THE CORPSE BRIDE and animated on SPACE JAM, among many other things.

Ovi Nedelcu has been listed on our sidebar for a while now, but I’ve never given him a proper mention. He’s currently working in Portland on the Laika feature CORALINE and writes and draws his own comic series PIGTALE.

Saxton Moore does it all: designs, animates, directs. He’s done a lot of work out of Atlanta for studios like Primal Screen and Turner Studios. And just because I know I’ll never have a better reason to post this, below is a caricature of Saxton (right) and myself (center) drawn by the supertalented John Mahoney. It’s from about four years ago, when all three of us happened to be working on an indie animation project.

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