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Blog Roundup


There’s lots of new blogs I’ve been meaning to mention recently and haven’t found the time. Here are five good ones for the moment:

Dan Krall (SAMURAI JACK, POWERPUFF GIRLS and currently on Laika’s CORALINE) now has a BLOG.

So does Bill Wray (REN & STIMPY, BIG BLOWN BABY) who has decided to go legit and become a fine art painter.

Not only can Andrea Blasich draw well, but he does terrific character maquettes.

The boys at the Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE are blogging now too. This is shaping up into a solid resource for insider-type industry news.

CINEMA 4: CEL BLOC is a site where Rik reviews one classic animated short every day – from Felix the Cat to Popeye and Clampett to DePatie-Freleng. The writing is solid (if a bit long occasionally) and his write-ups make me want to see these films again (or in some cases, for the first time).