Books You Can’t Have Yet Books You Can’t Have Yet
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Books You Can’t Have Yet

Here’s three books that I’ll definitely be buying (or perhaps stealing) when they’re released later this year.

ANIMATION NOW!ANIMATION NOW!: A visual survey of contemporary world animation

by Julius Wiedemann

Taschen, 576 pages, paperback, $40

June 2004

Art of IncrediblesTHE ART OF THE INCREDIBLES: The ‘art of’ book for the animated film I’m most looking forward to this year
by Mark Cotta Vaz

Chronicle Books, 160 pages, hardcover $40

August 2004

Mischievous Art of Jim FloraTHE MISCHIEVOUS ART OF JIM FLORA: The first book devoted to the art of the influential Fifties record cover designer
by Irwin Chusid

Fantagraphics, 150 pages, paperback, $25

September 2004

(Thanks to Thorsten Hasenkamm, who keeps very good tabs on upcoming animation art books. Check out his fine website HERE.)