Call for Help: Warner Bros. Cartoon History Call for Help: Warner Bros. Cartoon History
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Call for Help: Warner Bros. Cartoon History

French animation history Didier Ghez, publisher of the indispensable WALT’S PEOPLE interview series, has started working on a new book called BUGS’ BUDDIES, which is a collection of interview with Golden Age Warner Bros. animation artists. He’s currently looking for a volunteer or two to help transcribe a couple of interviews with Bob Clampett and Dave Monahan. Didier’s work in compiling these interviews is of great value to the animation community, and considering the books are self-published via print-on-demand, they’re obviously not being done for financial gain. Definitely a worthy cause. His note and contact info are below:

I have started working on a book project called Bugs’ Buddies, which aims to collect the best interviews ever conducted with Warner Bros. animation artists of the Golden Age. In order to achieve this however, I am
looking for one or two big fans of Warner animation who’d be willing to
transcribe two fantastic sets of interviews that I have received recently. One is an extremely long session with Bob Clampett conducted by Reg Hartt, the other is an interview with animator Dave Monahan by Robert Story.

I would transcribe those myself if English was my mother tongue. Unfortunately this is not the case and it makes this complicated task close to impossible. I won’t lie: transcribing is a complex and painstaking task and the interviews are loooong, but I hope one or several of you will be motivated enough to volunteer and help preserve these key nuggets of animation history. Please contact me at dghez [at]