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Robert Luczun, a grade school art teacher in New Jersey, sent me some photos of his truck – which he’s decorated every inch of with comic book, strip and animated cartoon characters…

I just love doing art that is non-conventional. One of my hobbies is antique cars, my other love is comic art and animated cartoons. The idea hit…why not use a vehicle as a canvas. I chose one of the first Model A’s…a 1928 Ford Model AR Roadster Pickup. I decided to do a DOCUMENTARY ON COMICS on a HISTORIC VEHICLE. I started painting on October 18 2004 on the anniversary of the first published comic “The Yellow Kid” (October 18,1896) and finished on January 12, 2006. As much as possible, the truck was disassembled, a lot of it was painted in backbreaking positions. The only record I kept was on airbrush painting hours: over 2,000. This does not include original restoration of the Model A, research and layout. My goal now is to secure a sponsor so that I may get to the big national car shows and the comic conventions.

Feel free to contact Robert at robertluczun at