Channel Frederator’s Wild Spring Break Channel Frederator’s Wild Spring Break
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Channel Frederator’s Wild Spring Break

I was fascinated to find the following video posted on YouTube. Or rather, the video has been removed due to “terms of use violation,” but its description still remains (see image below). According to the description, it’s a video of a Channel Frederator representative handing out T-shirts in Acapulco, Mexico during spring break. While it’s understandable that Channel Frederator wants to attract a hip group of viewers to its animation podcast, I question whether a gathering of wasted-out-of-their-mind teenagers is the wisest place to promote independent animation? Clubs, concerts and art show openings all seem like better venues for reaching the young podcast-savvy crowd. Then again, maybe Channel Frederator knows something about animation promotion that the rest of the industry doesn’t. Next thing you know, Warner Bros. will be down in Mexico trying to get everybody to wear HAPPY FEET t-shirts. And that’s a video I’d pay to see.

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