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Today marks the launch of the Animation History Archive on Flickr, a new group I started where we can all share interesting visual bits of animation history. Hopefully this can be sort of like a ‘show and tell’ of classic cartoon history and, in time, become a valuable visual resource for artists everywhere. Here’s a quick description of what can be posted in the group:

Visual materials related to Golden Age animation and animation artists. “Golden Age” means 1920s-1950s, though depending on the material, it could also encompass a few things in the ’60s and ’70s The material posted could include sets of storyboards, layout drawings, old magazine articles about animated films, photos of animation artists and other ephemera related to the industry (for example, gag cartoons or the currently incuded Top Cel union newsletter covers drawn by animation artists).

If you’ve got things in your collection that you want to share or just want to see cool stuff from other people’s collections, you can join the group here:

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