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We don’t usually review graphic novels here on the Brew, but this one is worthy of note. COLOSSUS by Mark Andrews is an incredible tale of swords, sorcery, action and adventure – told by a master storyteller. Andrews, story supervisor on The Incredibles, has storyboarded, among other things, The Iron Giant, Spider-Man, and Star Wars: Clone Wars. This is his epic work, a 200 page novel in black and white and greytones (often reminding me of my youthful days reading Warren’s horror comics magazines CREEPY and EERIE). It’s an adult work and would make a helluva film (live or animated).Ronnie del Carmen has a page about Mark and Colossus on his blog. Mark himself has a blog. Colossus is part of the E-Ville Press collective of Pixar based artists who have recently launched their own comics line.