COOL WORLD Boards by Louise Zingarelli COOL WORLD Boards by Louise Zingarelli
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COOL WORLD Boards by Louise Zingarelli

Storyboard by Louise Zingarelli

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive’s Steve Worth has posted a collection of beautifully drawn pencil and Prismacolor storyboards created by the late Louise Zingarelli for the feature COOL WORLD. The artwork is accompanied by personal memories of Zingarelli and her career. Well worth checking out.

UPDATE: Animator Mike Kazaleh emailed these memories of Louise Zingarelli:

I saw your link on the Brew to Steve Worth’s ASIFA post about Louise, and it brought back memories. I had worked with Louise Zingarelli on “Tattertown”, “The Butter Battle Book”, and “Cool World”. Meeting Louise was like finding a long lost sister. She was a lovely person and a tremendous talent. I remember on Cool World she was often flustered at the fact that many people on the staff didn’t “get” the designs for the girls. She had exaggerated the girls’ figures in all her drawings, but the combination of the fact that rotoscope was used, and the fact that several of the animators were very literal minded, the cartoony exaggeration never made it to the screen. I remember there was one guy in particular who was some kind of Milt Kahl wannabe. Louise and I watched a pencil test of his first scene of Holly, and we were horrified to see that he had drawn her with LONG, SQUARE, FLOPPY HANDS! We had an assistant fix it before Ralph saw it. Maybe we shoulda let him see it.

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