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Defending the McCay

Larry Loc, a Winsor McCay Award committee member and one of ASIFA-Hollywood’s hardest working board members, has written a defense of their decision to award Virginia Davis a lifetime achievement award. Needless to say, I don’t agree one bit, but in the interest of presenting both sides of the story, here is a link to his COMMENTS. My gripe remains that Ms. Davis simply doesn’t fit ASIFA-Hollywood’s own criteria for the award, which is meant to honor lifetime contributions to the art of animation and for work that exhibits outstanding contributions to excellence in animation. Giving the award to a child actress who may have held some minor degree of responsibility in helping Walt Disney get his first theatrical series is not in my opinion a wise use of the honor, especially when there are artists who have spent 40-50 years in this business creating beautiful art day in and day out and who remain unrecognized.

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