Donating in Honor of Joe Ranft Donating in Honor of Joe Ranft
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Donating in Honor of Joe Ranft

UPDATE (3:55pm): Ronnie Del Carmen has details of where to send donations and cards. Click HERE.

UPDATE (9:34am): Hold off on donations to Mosaic for the moment. Jan Otters provides an update of how they’re going to deal with donations: “Actually there is a memorial fund being set up at Pixar in honor of Joe. The Ranft family will divide the donations amongst Joe’s favorite charities (including Mosaic).”

I’m sure there’s a lot of people wondering what causes they can donate to in honor of Ranft’s passing. Now there’s an answer. Allison Brown at Wild Brain writes, “We have heard that in lieu of flowers and fruit baskets, etc. the Ranft family is asking that donations be sent to the Mosaic organization, which is the men’s group Joe was with when they had the accident.”

Here is the website for Mosaic Voices. They have an on-line donation form, which can be found by clicking on the “Contact” section.