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Engel and Braxton History

Here’s a two-minute VIDEO CLIP of the late Jules Engel discussing a conflict he had with Walt Disney about a cartoon frog. He also takes a jab at other Disney artists who were too afraid of Walt to make suggestions: “That was the characteristic of the studio, you know. Nobody would speak up. They were all afraid of him…That was, I think, to a degree a mistake. Even if he would say, ‘No,’ but at least you put another idea in his head or another way of doing something. He wouldn’t bite you.” (Thanks to Wilbert P. for the link)

Animation artist Floyd Norman has written a terrific article for JHM about animator Frank Braxton, who he refers to as animation’s “Jackie Robinson.” I’ve always been curious to find out more about Braxton’s career and this piece sheds much light onto his life and work. Below is a photo published in ANIMATION BLAST #6 of Frank playing the guitar at a Format Films Christmas party (ca. early-’60s). Other people in the photo include Joe Siracusa on drums, layout artist Rosemary O’Connor on far left, and June Foray and animator Rudy Larriva getting their groove on in the center of the pic. Photo was taken by Ruben Apodaca.