Enough With the Talking Animals Already Enough With the Talking Animals Already
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Enough With the Talking Animals Already

In last Friday’s SLATE, Jill Hunter Pellettieri examined the ceaseless glut of talking animal movies being released by Hollywood animation producers. It’s not quite as incisive or hard-hitting as I would have liked such a piece to be, but it’s still worth a read. The article begins:

I’ll come clean: I’m a sucker for talking-animal movies. In fact, even a nonhuman talking object will do. But while I used to think anthropomorphization of any sort would give me my fix – whether a chubby sheep who hides sheepishly each time he’s shorn, or a penny who feels undervalued – Hollywood’s two latest attempts at the talking-creature genre, The Ant Bully and Barnyard, have made me doubt my faith forever. If the first half of the 20th century was the golden age of animation, I fear we’re now entering the Dark Ages.