Old Brew



Anne D. Bernstein sent me notice of a current Fanzine Exhibition at Phildelphia University. Now that websites have all but taken the place of personal ‘zines, it’s nice that this original form of self-expression is being recognized.Of course the exhibit I want to see is already online – Toonhub’s magazine page devoted to all animation publications. There have been so few zines devoted to the history, industry and art of animation that they can easily compiled onto this humble page.I got my start writing a regular column for MINDROT back in 1976. At that time it seemed as if EVERYONE who loved classic cartoons either wrote for or subscribed to this fanzine. There was nothing else – at the time – for us who appreciated animation history (FUNNYWORLD preceeded Mindrot, but had practically dissapeared by 1980).I would hope Mindrot, Animato, Get Animated, fps and Animation Blast are preserved and displayed in some Fanzine Hall of Fame someday – and accessible in an archive/library for reference. I value my hard copies of these zines. They still contain valuable research and opinions unavailable anywhere online, and were pioneers in creating a community of enthusiasts, historians and animation artists.P.S. Amid reminds me that a new ANIMATION BLAST (#9) will be available later this year.