The following are excerpts from an article, “For This Animated Movie, a Cast of Household Names” By Eric A. Taub published in today’s NY TIMES:

Threshold Entertainment, a modestly sized animation and special effects company that has never made a full-length animated film before, hopes to go “Toy Story” one better with “Foodfight!,” an animated movie that takes place in a supermarket after the lights go down.The company has the right to use animated versions of 80 name-brand products and their associated characters, including Charlie the Tuna and the Brawny paper towel man. The movie is not expected to be released until late 2005, at the earliest, and the company does not yet have a deal with a distributor.”The movie looks wonderful,” said Mark Mills, president of Motion Picture Magic, a product placement company in Encino, Calif. “Threshold will be considered to be the new and upcoming Pixar.”

Read the whole piece HERE. (Thanks to E. Lurio for the link)

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