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HAL SEEGER (1917-2005)

pptitle.jpgWe’ve just learned that animator Hal Seeger passed away on March 13th at age 87.Seeger got his start as an assistant animator at the Fleischer Studios and was a ghostwriter of Bud Counihan’s Betty Boop comic strip. In the late 1950s, Hal Seeger Productions opened in New York City, specialising in television commercials. In the early 1960s, they produced cartoons for syndication and Saturday morning television, including a KoKo The Clown revival “Out Of The Inkwell,” ABC’s “The Milton The Monster Show,” and “Batfink.” Seeger’s studio also produced the main and end titles for “The Porky Pig Show” for Warner Bros. Television.Hal Seeger Productions hosted a virtual Who’s Who of classic New York animators, designers and voice talent. Those who were prominent at the studio included Myron Waldman, Jim Tyer, Johnny Gentilella, Shamus Culhane, Morey Reden, Izzy Klein, Robert Owen, Jack Mercer, and Dayton Allen.Animator Michael Sporn shared with us some his memories of Seeger:

He gave me my start in the film business in 1970.batfink.jpgI worked for him for a bit more than a year after coming out of the Navy. I learned how to edit film and make sound effects and sweep the floor. I also go t to meet a number of visiting animators like Myron Waldman, who came by frequently. There was even a short period where Hal was regularly visiting Max Fleischer in a nursing home. We had made arrangements for me to go with him for a short meeting, when Max died. It was a vitally important year in my film education and memory, and I couldn’t have replaced it. I stayed on friendly terms with Hal and Beverly over the years and often did my tape transfers at Today video where they and a number of his original employees continued to work. I’m really sorry to hear of his death.

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