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One of our readers has been privately sharing some images from his private cartoon art collection with me. But this one (above) is particularly intriguing. Is it the original title card art from HUSH MY MOUSE (1946, Chuck Jones)?HUSH MY MOUSE is one of several dozen cartoons whose original title cards are lost – cut from the original negatives when Warner’s theatrically re-issued their cartoons as Blue Ribbon Specials.All the markings on the piece indicate that it was a production background – so it’s my guess that it is indeed the original title (the white square at the center would have been where both the main title and director Jones credit would have gone, on a seperately shot cels). But unless an original print from the 1940s is found, we may never be able to confirm this hypothesis.(Thanks Mike)UPDATE: Michael Barrier has confirmed source of this art:

That title card is definitely from Hush My Mouse. I had a transparency shot of the title card for my aborted Warner Bros. book about 25 years ago, when the artwork was still owned by Collectors Book Store in Hollywood. The title card has a production number at the top that matches up with the production number for Hush My Mouse that I have from two other sources.