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mrincredible.jpgSaw THE INCREDIBLES tonight. The last time I felt this good was after seeing THE IRON GIANT.Brad Bird taps into my inner geek like no one else. I loved the film, which – along with the recent X-MEN movies, the Raimi SPIDER-MAN films, the 1941 CAPTAIN MARVEL serial and Fleischer SUPERMAN cartoons – ranks with the best superhero movies ever made. If you are a Pixar fan or a comic book freak; if you loved THE IRON GIANT, love superheroes, CG movies, great art direction, amazing visuals, action films, personal dramas, family films, and great fillmmaking… you will love THE INCREDIBLES. From it’s grainy 16mm newsreel opening to its 2-D stylized end title crawl – it’s a blast. It blows away those Soprano sharks and patriotic puppets. Pixar is six for six. Yay!

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