Introducing Harry McCracken Introducing Harry McCracken
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Introducing Harry McCracken

We’d like to welcome our new Guest Brewer – Harry McCracken – one of the most knowledgeable cartoon connoisseurs around. We’ve always enjoyed hearing his thoughts on both the classics and modern animation, and we think you’ll enjoy Harry’s insights as well. Here’s a bit more about the man:

Harry McCracken is the editor-in-chief of PC WORLD (the world’s largest monthly computer magazine) and a new consumer electronics publication called DIGITAL WORLD. But animation fans may associate him more with ANIMATO!, the animation magazine he edited from 1987-1991. These days, he hangs out at his own site,, and is readying, the first Web site about the Mintz Studio’s greatest character. Harry is also a contributor to ANIMATION ART, the new book edited by Jerry Beck. And he’s belonged to APATOONS, the animation apa, for a startling 22 years. [McCracken caricature by Barry Blitt]