Old Brew


art by kremerI am away from my home base of Los Angeles this week, visiting the beautiful city of Dallas, where I am lending my expertise to the fine folks at HERITAGE COMICS AUCTIONS.
If I lived in Dallas, this is where I’d want to work. Heritage has obtained the complete library of original art from Harvey Comics – all of it from 1942 to 1988 – Harvey didn’t throw any of it out.
Heritage has begun auctioning off select pieces – from the early Green Hornet, to the later “Thriller” line of oddball superheroes – and of course, the famous kids characters Casper, Richie Rich, Baby Huey, Little Dot, etc.
I’m here to help sort the material and identify artists.
Sounds grueling, but it’s a blast to see this incredible art and hold it in my hands – comics by the like of Famous Studios animators Dave Tendlar, Steve Muffatti, Bill Hudson, Marty Taras – not to mention comics greats Warren Kremer, Howie Post, Ernie Colon and others.
For example, check out the original art to this terrific Tendlar Herman & Katnip cover currently up for bid.
Good stuff – or should I say “Hot Stuff”!