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Chuck Jones Mural In Danger of Being Destroyed

My friend John Tebbel has been volunteering at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (moccany.org) in New York City. He wrote into the BREW for some advice:beep beep

“Recently a person called the museum office representing people whose office has a Chuck Jones mural drawn on the conference room wall, two murals actually. It’ll be torn down by May 15 if we don’t somehow find a buyer/adoptor. The museum has no bucks for such a thing, but we’re publicizing it some to see if we can locate someone. Here’s an ofoto link so you can have a look at my photos of them. At the moment, no institution or big auction house is interested. The Jones people on your coast didn’t express an interest. Estimate to take it off the wall is 3 to 4 thousand, at that point it has to be trucked or whatever by lucky owner. I figured you might know someone, or one of your readers would, who might be interested. If more than one suitor is identified, then they’re off to the races, I guess, but that’s another story. At the moment MoCCA would get small publicity for having helped to save a nice piece of art (very on model for Jones of the period, esp Daffy and Bugs). Anyway, if it does go down the memory hole at least you’ll have gotten a look at it. I suppose I’d try to get better pictures taken as a last resort.

If you are interested in preserving this Jones piece, contact John at [email protected].

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